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ARTH 345: Latin American Art History: Welcome and Assignments

This guide will help you learn how to find scholarly articles for your annotated bibliography, understand how to write annotations, and find books.

Latin American Assignment

You will have one week (Feb. 13-20) to research a Latin American artist from a list I will give to you.

For that artist you will find 8 articles (not art reviews) and/or books in the library and 4 on-line sources.

You will create a bibliography and annotate each entry (include information about it).

No late work accepted. You will receive a 0 grade for this assignment if it is not completed by Feb. 20. No excuses – no class that week so this is the entire work for the week in this class.

On Feb 20th you will bring the bibliography to class and one of the articles you found ..for show and tell. 


Use this research guide to learn what scholarly articles are, how to search for them, where to find full text articles and how to cite and annotate.  

First, review the assignment to make sure that you understand what's expected.

Second, make sure you read about the differences of Popular Magazines vs. Scholarly Journals.  Make sure to follow the link to Duke University's excellent guide that will tell you the differences.

Then, use the Art Source and ProQuest tabs to find the most useful databases for your research.  Make sure you watch the videos, which show you specifically how to search for full-text scholarly journals, including reviews. 

Also, click on the Find Full Text Articles tab to see how you can track down copies of articles when you only have the citation.

You can also search for books using the Find Books tab.

Finally, find citation tools on the Citations tab and learn more about Annotated Bibliographies.

If you have ANY questions at all about how to do this, email your Research Librarians, Sarah and Jennifer.  Or, simply drop by the front desk in the library, and our staff can help you.

Subject Guide

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