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Academic Resource Center: ARC: Academic Resource Center

Meet Our Staff: Virginia Demers


Director of Academic Resource Center

 Virginia earned a BA in Religion from Vassar College and a MA in English from the University of South Florida. She joined Ringling College in 1992.

Meet Our Staff: Paula Jawitz


Reading and Study Specialist

“The strategies I teach are individualized to each student’s unique cognitive style, strengths and weaknesses, and the demands of their major and current project,” says Dr. Paula Brooks Jawitz. Dr. Jawitz provides students with individualized strategies to read, understand and remember content for exams, and plan your time to ensure that you get your assignments completed and be able to sleep, eat, and socialize. Come take control of your learning! Paula Jawitz, Ph.D.

Meet Our Staff: Barbara Gentry


Reading and Study Specialist


“I believe all students have the ability to succeed, and I’m passionate about helping each student develop the tools necessary to unlock his or her potential,” says Barbara Gentry, one of the center’s study and learning specialists. “I work with individuals to develop skills in test preparation, project completion, note taking, reading comprehension, and time management.”


Welcome to the RCADs Academic Resource Center


The Academic Resource Center (ARC) provides a variety of services to Ringling College students, including writing assistance, test preparation and study skills instruction, help with English as a Second Language and time management

How We Can Help


Writing Help (45 minutes): 

Ringling's staff of Writing Consultants can help with any phase of the writing process and any questions, concerns or problems related to writingfrom finding a topic to dotting those i's and crossing the t's (metaphorically speaking). If you have a long composition or anticipate needing lots of editorial and proofreading help, you may want to reserve back-to-back appointment slots. 


Reading and Study Help (1 hour):

Paula Jawitz, Ringling's Reading and Study Specialist, provides students with expert training for note taking in texts and in classes, reading and understanding content, remembering material for exams, and discovering the best approaches for you as an individual learner. 


Time Management (1 hour):

We can start you on a path to better management of time and projects! Appointments begin with an overview of your present obligations. You'll leave with a personalized, hour-by-hour and day-by-day schedule for all your activities. 


Disability Services (45 minutes):

Students with disabilities should meet with the disabilities services officerpresently Virginia DeMersevery semester during the first, second or third week of classes. Even if they do not expect to need accommodations, an appointment is encouraged. Some students may need another appointment later in the semester to change accommodations, discuss other issues arising in or out of class and so forth.

Contact Us

Academic Resource Center
Alfred R. Goldstein Library, 2nd Floor - Room 211


Guidelines for Documentation

Rights and Responsibilities for Education Access

In addition to help with study, reading, writing, time management and other academic skills, the ARC also arranges appropriate accommodations for students with disabilities to assure them access to instruction and campus activities.  In keeping with our institutional value of diversity, community and the whole student, Ringling College of Art and Design fully supports the spirit and letter of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Disability accommodations will be approved based on adequate documentation and other information provided by the student. Because needs vary according to the situation, accommodations must be requested and renewed for any semester when students will need them. 

This section of our web site provides basic information about documentation of a disability and the processes for determining and implementing accommodations. All such accommodations are arranged through the ARC. Anyone needing further information should contact Virginia DeMers, Director of the ARC.