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ARTH 491: Renaissance Art History: Welcome

This guide will help you locate research and reference resources for your course.

Welcome to Your Research Guide

This guide will point you to helpful resources for your work in your course. 

It contains information on how to:

1) Find Books

Use this page to find books about various topics and where to find them. 

2) Find Articles 

Articles are a great resource for performing research in your subject area. Articles from our databases offer reliable and accurate information that can be easily searched. In our databases, you will find articles on a wide range of subject and topics. 

3) Find Reference/Background Information 

Use these resources to find general information.

4) Find Images

If you need to find images for research or reference, you can use our easily searchable image databases. In many of the databases, you can find information on citing, downloading, and organizing images. 

5) Schedule an Appointment

Here's where you can schedule your group to meet with a Research Consultant at the Library.

[ V ] Leonardo da Vinci - Landscape (1473)

CC BY by cea +