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ARTH 422: Contemporary Issues in Art: Books + Periodicals

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Finding Print Publications on the Web

Finding a contemporary artist in print resources can be difficult simply because print publishing requires a longer process and more vetting than the web.

Sometimes, the only way to find print resources about a contemporary artist you are researching is by going on the web to locate additional resources. There are a few places you can visit to find these additional resources. 

Artist's Website

Sometimes, artists include a "publications" or "press" section on their personal websites. This can lead you to both articles and books that discuss the artist's works. 

Art News Websites is a great website for locating articles, publications, and reviews about contemporary artists. is a great website for artist bios, images, artist statements, and gallery information. 


You don't want to use Wikipedia as a source, but you can use their reference lists as a starting point for locating print publications about an artist. Does the artist you are looking at have a Wikipedia page? Scroll down on the page and find the "References" section to see if any books are listed.

Google - Site Searching

Site searching is a great option when starting a search.

You are able to tailor a search and target specific websites regarding specific artists. 

topic: Hank Willis Thomas            


Hank Willis Thomas site:

or use the domain extension only to find a variety of sources: .org to find organizations, .edu for academic sources, .com for company sources 

Hank Willis Thomas site: .org

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