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WRIT 151: Writing Studio: Issues In the Field: The Power of Keyword Searches

This guide instructs on how to use keywords to open up your searches

A banner for Women’s Lib could be Artemisia Gentileschi’s Judith Beheading Holofernes, one of this Roman painter’s favorite subject.

Oxford Art Online


Encyclopedia Britannica: Academic

Youtube: Zara faces design scandal. Lea Stevens Published on Aug 10, 2016

Art Source


1. Manipulate Keywords

Keywords are the great ways to find information! They are mutable which means that you can use them interchangeably to deepen your search!

A thesaurus is handy when using a keyword search. 

Searching Sites

Finding the information concerning "Issues In the Field" in databases may be challenging, although newspapers are found on those platforms, simply because scholarly resources require a longer process and more vetting than the web! 

The web is in conflict with the streamlined process of print publishing, possibly due to its haste in providing and disseminating information. The web can be riddled with  issues of misinformation, bias, and steering.  

So what can you do? You can tell Google where to go - to search that is!

You are able to tailor a search and target specific websites regarding specific topics. 

topic:  Women being obscured in art / Male dominated art scene / women advocates in art :


male dominated fine art site:

or use the domain extension only to find a variety of sources: .org to find organizations, .edu for academic sources, .com for company sources