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Researching Countries

For your projects, you will need to extensively research your country.  We have another research guide for countries that you can use to find out more about the details of what you need to know about your country:

I've Found Competitors. What Do I Do Now?

Now that you know more about the business of teaching English in China, you can find out more about the individual companies and more in-depth information about the business.  Go to the following tab to find more:

Chinese Student Learning English

Disney English

The Walt Disney Company created the Disney English program to develop centers of learning in China that would teach the English language to Chinese children.

Disney English is part of Disney Publishing Worldwide.  To find more about them, you can use both company names in your searches.

Other Education Companies in China

There are many different ways English is taught to kindergarten through high school student in China.  The two most common are as part of their regular school work (teachers are often recruited through teacher exchanges) or by going to an English learning center that focuses on teaching English.  Competitors to Disney English fall into the latter category and are listed below: