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Materials on Globalization


The purpose of this Research Guide is to highlight the ways inwhich globalization has impacted societies. The guide provides links to government and organizational websites as well as publications that highlight information about countries history and demographic information. 

Considerations For This Topic

When approaching the idea of globalization, it is best that you examine various subjects that may impact a society. 

Here are some examples of areas of articles that feature topics that you may want to examine when writing on this subject. 

Example 1: Language 

According to "Vanishing Voices" an article published in National Geographic, a language becomes extinct every 14 days.

Example 2: The Environment

"Myanmar's Tourism Boom Endangers Fragile Ecosystems" introduces readers to an economy that is thriving due to tourism, yet may be impacted by the threat of pollution and waste threatening the ecosystem.

Example 3: The Workforce

"Far From Home" elaborates on the how people seeking work are leaving their home countries to work abroad.

Example 4: Music 

The introduction of the accordion to Mexico. This instrument is played in older Mexican music. 

Example 5: Markets and Industry

"Creative Destruction," an article featured in the Princeton University Press, mentions the Canadian governments fight to keep Borders out of Canada for fear that it would hurt the literature market in Canada due to the possibility of not carrying enough material from Canadian authors. 

Example 6: Food

Haitian cuisine has benefited from its rich diversity. Haiti has been the most diverse nation in the west. Haiti's diverse African culture, due to its migration of Africans from all over western Africa, merging with that of the French its cuisines provide a variety of rich flavor.

Example 7: Currency 

The Euro and its effect  on the Greek, German, and Portuguese economy.

Example 8: Religion

Tension between governments and citizens are highlighted in the Time article, Why There's Tension Between France and Its Muslim Population.

Example 9: Architecture

The influence on Arabs and North Africans in the architecture of Europe.