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WRIT 151: Writing Studio: Researching a Master Artist: Starting Point

This guide provides students with resources that will help them research a Master Artist


Encyclopedia Britannica: Academic

Florida Electronic Library


Youtube: Conversation: Henry Ossawa Tanner. PBS NewsHour Published on Apr 6, 2012

Art Source


Mastering Searches on Google

Finding a contemporary artist in print resources can be difficult simply because print publishing requires a longer process and more vetting than the web! 

The web is in conflict with the streamlined process of print publishing, possibly due to its haste in providing information, is riddled with issues of misinformation, bias, and steering.  So what can you do? Simply tell Google where you want it to search!!!

Strategy: Site searching is a GREAT option when starting a search!  You are able to tailor a search and target specific websites regarding specific topics. 

topic: Henry Ossawa Tanner             


Henry Ossawa Tanner site:

or use the domain extension only to find a variety of sources: .org to find organizations, .edu for academic sources, .com for company sources 

Henry Ossawa Tanner thomas site: