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MEDA 112: 2D Design: Welcome!

This guide provides resources to help develop an understanding of structure and application of color in two-dimensional visual arts.

CC: NYDLL: Drawing by E. E. Clark; Drawing by C. J. Martin; Drawing by W. D. Koerner. Page 168. IMAGE ID 5144512

CC: NYDLL: Two men in Renaissance dress conversing by a river, a village in the distance. IMAGE ID 1153901

Searching For Resources

This guide provides various scholarly resources for select topics related to culture, architecture, and photographs. The focus here is to provide students and researchers with some of the main tools available through the library and across the web. Search the Goldstein Library catalog to find these resources and materials:

1.The collection:

Goldstein's catalog adopts a diverse collection development policy as the way to insure that all patrons and their needs are considered and that the collection reflects a holistic perspective the of the country, religions, contemporary issues, and economic growth. 

2. How to search the catalog:

In general, a keyword search is a great place to start. Simply enter the name of what you are searching for, pagoda, into the search box. Make sure to focus on the Subjects heading that is located below the Notes field of the results page, this will ensure that you find more resources that serve your topics. 

3. How to search the databases:  

Language manipulation is one of the best ways to start your searches. This is partially because subject headings are used to assist in searching for information, however, as language has changed the libraries vocabulary has stayed the same, something that complicates searching. For example, if you are looking for a house in Florida the subjects heading is not cataloged as House. To find resources, begin by thinking of words that relate to house, such as buildingsarchitecture, of dwellings

Goldstein has a longstanding cooperative loan agreement with various schools around the southeast. If there is a book or article that we do not have at the library take advantage of the InterLibrary Loan link. We normally receive materials requested in a timely manner.