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MEDA 123B: 3D Design for Game Art: Home

This guide will help you locate resources for your Thorne Room assignment including research resources and tutorial resources.

Researching Interior Design

Researching Decorative Arts

Researching Textiles

Library Databases

Call Numbers

You can find the majority of these items on the 3rd Floor of the Alfred R. Goldstein Library. 

NK   1160-1590        Decoration and Ornament  

Use books in this call number range for decorative accents to your rooms. Includes books on everything from lamps, to vases, to different ceramics and glass. Some books may also have information regarding textiles and furniture. 

NK  1700-2138          Interior Decoration, including special rooms

Use books in this call number range for general information on different styles and periods of interior design and decoration. This call number range will include books on the designs of particular rooms (including offices) and will also include different design styles from around the world (both historical and contemporary). 

NK   2200-2750         Furniture

Use books in this call number range to research furniture. It will include furniture from different time periods, areas of the world, and styles. This call number range will also include books on contemporary and transformative furniture. 

NK   NK2775-2898    Rugs and Carpets

Use this call number range to learn more about rugs and carpets from around the world. This call number range will include everything from textures, to materials, to trimmings, and accents. 

NK   3175-3296.3      Upholstery. Drapery

This call number range will include books on different upholstery styles, materials, and surfaces. It will also include information on furniture textures and drapery. 

NK   8800-9505.5      Textiles

This call number range will include books on everything from different textile styles from different time periods, special textiles, and even wallpapers. 

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