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DSNA 123: Drawing and 3D Design II: Home

This guide will help you locate Pop-Up book and Artist's Book resources for your DSNA 123 class.

Pop-Up Books: How-To

Pop-Up Books: Examples

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Helpful Call Numbers

Z   1019-1033        Special Classes of Books (including pop-up books)

Use books in this call number range for examples of pop-up books. Includes pop-up books on many different subjects, stories, locations, and ideas. Most books in this call number range can be found on the 2nd Floor of the Goldstein Library. 

TT  697-927             Home Arts, Home Crafts (including paper craft, paper folding, and pop-up how-to's)

Use books in this call number range for information on how to make pop-up books. Books in this range, specifically in TT 870, will have information regarding the technique and design of pop-up books. Many will include examples and step by step instructions. 

QC   495.2               Color Theory

Use books in this call number range to research color and the meanings behind it. Books will include information on the associations of colors, communicating with colors, and the symbolism of colors. 

Pop-Up Tutorials and Templates

Inspiration by Ron van der Meer

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