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IDES 385: Evidence Based Design for Interior Design: Assignment

Team Project

Students will find information using various sources that relates to a pre-selected topic, and
create a presentation highlighting information from journals, books and magazine articles on
the following subjects.

Collect 10 articles that include information or research covering any of the following topics:
1. Building systems – site, structural or contextual needs, how does this affect the design?
2. Sustainability factors – indoor air quality, natural daylight, LEED, site orientation, etc.
3. Color - theory, wayfinding, physiological
4. Finish materials – innovation, needs for finishes or materials that pertain to the use of the space
5. Furnishings, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) – innovative uses and new ways to reuse
6. Lighting – relationship to health, physiology, psychology, design elements
7. Human factors – Anthropometrics, Ergonomics, Sociological, Physiological (health), Psychological (user
satisfaction), Universal Design
8. Design Elements – space requirements, functional
9. Diversity – how a philosophy is used that affects a certain population
10. Historical design – how was it applied

Create a presentation that highlights the topics including the following:
1. Provide a brief piece of information from each article that pertains to one of the above
topics. You do not need to cover all 10 topics for this assignment. You can use the
information and rewrite in your own words, create a chart or infographic, or you can
directly quote the author. Use APA format to cite each.
2. Include an APA format Reference List for the 10 articles.
3. Include a list of the research tools you used to find each article. Use a variety of sources
as presented in the Librarian’s presentation

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Subject Guide

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