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IDES 385: Evidence Based Design for Interior Design: Assignment

Team Project

You and your team (teams of 3) will find  information on the following subjects and present information that relates to a pre-selected topic. You will select at least 5 of the subjects below and find at least two sources for each topic.  You need to have at least 10 sources total, be able to discuss them, and note where and how you found the information. 

Your sources should be from at least:

  • One book (printed or electronic)
  • One article (printed or electronic) found using a library database
  • One article (printed or electronic) found using the suggested research website (not found using Google)
  • If you provide weblinks in your document, be sure to use a stable url when possible.

Cover at least 5 or more of these subjects:

1.    Building systems

2.    Color

3.    Finish materials

4.    Furnishings, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E)

5.    Lighting

6.    Human factors

7.    Design elements

8.    History

9.    Precedent/case studies


Using the above subjects, and working with Claire Powell, you will ultimately create a 10 minute PowerPoint to present your findings with the assigned research database.


In your PowerPoint, include your main research question.

Provide electronic copy in Canvas, and one stapled copy of the PowerPoint to Jill.

Apex Venice Noce Marino Kitchen

Subject Guide

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Claire Powell
Alfred R. Goldstein Library