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Tips and resources for gathering the best information about the motion design industry.


Motionographer (pronounced like “oceanographer”) is a blog which seeks to be a source of inspiration for filmmakers, animators and designers.

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What Do YOU Want?

Motion Design Research Guide

You have a choice about what we talk about today.  In order to prepare your presentation, what would you rather spend your time in class today doing?  Pick one item below.


If there's something else you need to learn about, write a comment below.

What Do YOU Want?
I need to understand more about how to find books in the library using call numbers: 2 votes (8%)
I want to find books in the library about my topic.: 4 votes (16%)
I'd rather learn about how to get article from professional magazines & journals: 8 votes (32%)
I want to know how to download music files from Killer Tracks: 6 votes (24%)
I want to find out where the back issues of magazines & journals are kept: 1 votes (4%)
I'd rather learn how to search through our database of 40,000 ebooks: 1 votes (4%)
I want to find biographical articles about my topic.: 3 votes (12%)
I'd like to borrown magazines articles or books from other libraries.: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 25