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ARTH 434: Women Artists in History

Use this guide to explore research strategies and resources for ARTH 434: Women Artists in History.

Instagram Guidelines


Instagram Project - For the Instagram Project, students will choose a theme and create an exhibition on Instagram.

For your Instagram project, you will need to create an Instagram account for educational/class use. In the past, students have chosen to create an Instagram account with their Ringling College email address, but you can use a different email address if you prefer.

For their Instagram username, most students employed a combination of their first initial and last name, so it was easily recognizable to their instructor. Also, some students chose to include the phrase "This Instagram is for educational use only" in their bio line. Lastly, you will want to make sure that your profile is set to "public" so your instructor can view it.

There is a class Instagram setup to help you connect with fellow classmates if you wish and so your instructor can view your posts. The Instagram is linked here. The username for the account is albrittonwomenartists.

For all posts that you create for your exhibition, you want to make sure to include the hashtag #albrittonwomenartists. This is how your instructor will search your posts for evaluation. 



Finding Images