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ARTH 434: Women Artists in History

Use this guide to explore research strategies and resources for ARTH 434: Women Artists in History.

3rd Floor Goldstein Library

Women Artist Books

Article Databases

Finding Readings on the Web

There are a few different ways to find readings about women artists and different themes on the web. Whenever you are searching, make sure that you are paying attention to where the information is coming from. Is the reading a blog? A social media posting? If so, then it might not be the best information out there. Instead, try to look for articles or readings from trusted, reliable websites like news websites, organizational websites, or museums. The information found there will be more accurate and authoritative. A few places to get started are:

Art News Websites

Art Net News

Art News

Art Space

Museum Websites


The Getty

National Museum of Women in the Arts

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Online Magazines

Art Verve


Women Artist Periodicals

All recent periodicals can be found on the 3rd floor of the library on the south side of the building. Older periodicals will be bound and shelved in the stacks.