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BOAD 330: Managing Human Resources for Creative Organizations

Use this research guide to find helpful resources for your assignments.

About This Guide

Welcome to the Research Guide for BOAD 330: Managing Human Resources for Creative Organizations. This guide was designed to help students in the BOAD 330 course as well as students enrolled in BOAD courses with their research projects. 

Navigate through the pages on the menu to the left for more information.

Library Resources: Discover recommended library resources for your research.

Workforce Planning: A listing of resources related to workforce planning. 

Recruitment: Resources related to human resources recruitment. 

Career Management: Discover resources related to career management. 

Selection of Potential Employees: Find helpful websites and resources for learning more about the selection of potential employees and diversity and inclusion. 

On Boarding + Training + Development + Skills: Use this page to access examples and resources related to On Boarding new employees, professional development, and different skills. 

Performance Management: Find helpful information related to performance management.

Succession Planning: Resources related to succession planning.

Compensation: Find helpful websites and resources related to different compensation strategies. 

Assessing Training + Development of Employees: Use this page to learn more about how assessment in the workplace works. 

Diversity + Inclusion: Find helpful information related to Diversity + Inclusion in the workplace. 


Feel free to contact the library for assistance at any point in your research process, whether you're just starting a project or you're hitting a dead end. Chat services and librarian contact information can be found on the left side of this page. Or, schedule a research consultation by clicking on the link below.

Schedule a Research Consultation

Goldstein Library provides research consultations with Research Librarians who are interested in your topic and excited to help you research! We are prepared to help you find the information you need to be successful! Our specialization is helping artists and designers find the materials that they need for reference and research (images, books, journal articles, websites, videos, and more); helping you understand how you can use what you find ethically; and how to cite your sources. 

Please note: All research consultations with Research Librarians will be taking place virtually via Zoom until further notice.

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Demo of finding BOAD guidesTo find more guides related to the Business of Art and Design:

  1. Go to the Research Guides Homepage:
  2. On the navigation bar at the top of the page, click BY SUBJECT
  3. Click on Business of Art + Design

You should see a list of Research Guides for BOAD courses and other relevant subjects.