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Research Personal Finance: Job Offers

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Job Offer Breakdown

It’s more than just the annual salary.  It is important to compare all of the below items when deciding what the best job for you is.

·       Location – Sperling’s Cost of Living Comparison

            o   Sarasota v NYC

            o   Nashville v L.A.

            o   Miami v Chicago

·       Retirement

            o   Matching funds v non matching

            o   Direct increase in annual salary if you take advantage of matching funds

·       Health Benefits

            o   Basic or none v full benefits (look at cost as well)

·       Overall Employee Benefits

            o   Vacation, sick, and personal days

            o   Gym/health club memberships

            o   Ability v requirement to travel

·       Culture/institutional fit

·       Mission and values

            o   I.E., will you thrive with this company?

·       Exempt v Non-Exempt

Center for Career Services

For additional information and to utilize Ringling's Center for Career Services please visit their website or contact them at the below information.

Career Services provides lifelong services to all of our alumni.

Center for Career Services


·       941-359-7503

·       website