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WRIT 151: Writing Studio: Books

This guide is for WRIT 151: Writing Studio and introduces how to research academic resources in the Library

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan is a free service that allows you to borrow materials that we don't have from other libraries. 

Search Worldcat to find books not owned by Ringling College.

ProQuest Ebook Central


Students can check out a total of 40 items at a time from the Alfred R. Goldstein Library with a valid student ID. Borrowing length periods are below.

Books = 3 weeks

CDs and CD-ROMs = 3 days

DVDs and Blu-Ray = 3 days

Magazines (unbound) = 1 day

Magazines (bound) = 5 days

Videogames = 7 days

Library Catalog Search

Advanced Search

Item Locations

Item Location As Shown in the Catalog   What You Would Find Here Can Items Be Checked Out?




Career materials

No, they must be viewed at the Center for Career Services.
DVD 2nd Floor Blu-Ray and DVDs Yes
GAMES 2nd Floor Videogames Yes
ONLINE Databases and e-books These items are accessed online via link in catalog. 
OVERSIZE 3rd Floor Large size books Yes
PERIODICALS/ANNUALS Journals, magazines and annuals Yes
REFERENCE Encyclopedias, handbooks and other reference materials No, library use only
RESERVE 1st Floor All formats Mostly yes, but some individual items may be restricted to in-library use at the discretion of the instructor.
SPECIAL COLLECTIONS Artists' books, prints, and rare books No, library use only
SPECIAL COLLECTIONS READING ROOM Reference works on artists' books, photobooks, self-publishing, graphic arts, and printing history No, library use only for most patron groups. Yes, for faculty.

How to Read a Call Number (Library of Congress-Style)

Sample Call Number:  PN6790.J33 S44 2004

The Library of Congress (LC) Call Number that you see in the catalog is used to locate the item on the shelves in the Library.  It will be on a label and will be arranged vertically.  You can use this vertical arrangement to help you find the item.

PN The first part of the call number contains letters.  You read these alphabetically.  For example, PN comes before PZ.
6790 The second part of the call number contains numbers.  These are read in numerical order.  6790 is located far away from 67 (68-6789 are located in between).

The second part of the call number may also contain decimals or letters and decimals.  They are read first in alphabetical order, then decimal order.  For example, .J33 comes before .J5 or .W23.

S44 The third part of the call number contains a letter and numbers.  They are read first in alphabetical order, then in decimal order. For example, S44 comes before S891.
2004 The final line includes dates of publication, volume indicators, issue numbers and/or copy numbers.  You can use the final line to help make sure you get the right version of the item.


Remember, books with similar call numbers will cover the same subjects. If you find a book on the shelf that looks interesting, look around the same area to find others!