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Welcome to the Alfred R. Goldstein Library! This guide has the most frequently asked questions about the library.

Library Special Events Policies and Procedures

Alfred R. Goldstein Library Special Event Policies and Procedures

The Alfred R. Goldstein Library Special Event Policies and Procedures are designed to offer guidelines to ensure library users and visitors have a variety of safe and welcoming spaces that offer opportunities for learning, research, creative activities, and collaboration.

The following policies apply to all reservable spaces in the Goldstein Library. Note: The Goldstein Library does not employ an events manager nor a full-time administrative assistant. All events hosted in the library and its spaces are to be managed by the department or unit requesting use of individual spaces and the building for the event (See "Special Event Sponsors" below). Library staff are not responsible for special event scheduling, set-up, or clean-up.

Special Event Sponsors

  • Academic and administrative units on campus must designate a staff member as the "sponsor" or contact person for the event to be held in the library.
  • The sponsor will be the primary contact between the campus unit hosting the event and the Director of Library Services and other Library staff as directed.
  • The sponsor is responsible for obtaining approval from the appropriate RCAD Senior Officer(s) as required.
  • The sponsor will be responsible for coordination with other campus entities, including Facilities, Public Safety, Institutional Technology, and other units, for requests related to room set-up, catering, delivery, custodial, technology, security, parking, and other specialized services for their event.
  • The sponsor is responsible for communicating Library space and room-use policies and procedures to all outside vendors who service the event.
  • Student organizations must identify a staff member to act as the Special Event Sponsor, who will be responsible for scheduling and who will be on site for the duration of the event.

Guidelines for Use


  • Following event approval by the Director of Library Services, spaces must be reserved in advance using the Room Reservation system (25Live). An event is not fully confirmed until a reservation for relevant spaces are confirmed in the Room Reservation system. The Library is not responsible for making room reservations.
  • Certain spaces may have different scheduling guidelines and procedures. The Director of Library Services is available to consult on exceptions to scheduling mechanisms and policies.
  • The requesting department is responsible for all communications with Public Safety with notification happening as far in advance as possible and no less than two weeks in advance as events may impact officer scheduling.

Set Up and Use:

  • All Facilities requests need to be submitted and managed by the sponsor and not by the Library. The sponsor is responsible for all communications with Facilities/Custodial Services.
  • Events should take place during library open hours. If permission is obtained from the Director of Library Services for events that will take place outside of regular library hours, it is the responsibility of the sponsor to staff and monitor use of the library during that period.
  • Sponsors are responsible for set-up and clean up of library spaces and to ensure that spaces are returned to conditions in which they were found.
  • All service items, equipment, and food must be removed and waste should be collected at the conclusion of an event.
  • Event sponsors are responsible for keeping library spaces and furniture in good condition. Any additional furniture (i.e. catering or registration tables and chairs) should be removed following the event.
  • Sponsors are responsible for providing all food and beverages, table service, and utensils for an event. The Library does not provide storage for catering. Sponsors serving alcoholic beverages must obtain approval from the President or Vice President for Academic Affairs or Vice President for Student Life as appropriate.

The sponsor is required to provide acceptance in writing of these policies and guidelines prior to Library approval of an event.

Please contact the Library ( with questions and for consultation on specific events.