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Library FAQ

Welcome to the Alfred R. Goldstein Library! This guide has the most frequently asked questions about the library.

Library Filming Policy

Alfred R. Goldstein Library Filming Policy

The Goldstein Library encourages student use of its spaces for filming; however, its locations are not movie sets and filming may not interfere with normal Library operations. Library personnel maintain the right to ask a filming individual/crew to pause, move, or stop if they feel that the activity is an interference.

*Commercial and other entities outside Ringling College should contact the Library Director to discuss permissions for filming.

  1. Students wishing to film in the library must obtain permission from the library director or a library supervisor and a sponsoring faculty/staff member at least 3 days before filming begins. This includes the completion of the Library Filming Policy Form.
  2. Dates and times the student will be filming must be clearly established in advance and must be strictly adhered to.
  3. Interviews or films that include speaking should be restricted to a library study room to prevent disturbance of those working in the library. Study rooms must be reserved in advance by a faculty or staff member.
  4. Students must present the Library Filming Policy Form with all required signatures at the library’s first floor service desk when they wish to begin filming.
  5. Students must adhere to any instructions given them by the library staff during filming.
  6. Any furniture moved during the course of filming must be returned to its original location.
  7. Filming must not be disruptive towards others who are using the library.
  8. Students are responsible for any damages that may occur to the building or collections caused by the activity of filming. Damages must be reported to the library staff immediately.
  9. Refrain from filming other people in the library or their computer screens without their awareness or permission.
  10. The library requests that proper credit be given for the location. Please refer to the library as the Alfred R. Goldstein Library.