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Find Periodicals for My Major

Use this guide to identify current publications recommended for your major.

About This Guide

Welcome to our Research Guide featuring the Periodicals available in the Goldstein Library. Navigate through the menu on the left side of this page to explore publications related to Ringling majors available at the library. 


Demonstrating how to lift periodical shelves to access previous issues.

Periodicals include magazines and journals. Current issues are shelved  alphabetically in the East corner of the 3rd Floor on a section of white shelves. Lift the movable shelves for the unbound back issues of each title. 

Annuals are publications that are printed only once a year. These Annuals are shelved alphabetically by title together with the bound periodicals in the section of green shelves on the 3rd Floor.

Archived titles are publications that we used to subscribe to that no longer exist or no longer receive in print. These periodicals are shelved alphabetically by title in the bound periodicals in the section of green shelves on the 3rd Floor.

*Please note: As of Fall 2021, some unbound periodicals will be located in the bound periodicals shelves. Please refer to a librarian for assistance if you have trouble locating these materials. 

Searching for Periodicals in the Library Catalog

You can search specifically for periodicals/annuals in the library search.

1. From the library homepage, scroll down and select Library Catalog, OR click here

2. Select the Journal Finder on the top left of the page.

3. Type in your search terms in the Journal Search field and click Search or browse titles by the Journal by category section. This search will show you periodicals/annuals that are available both in the library and online. 

Schedule a Research Consultation

Goldstein Library provides research consultations with Research Librarians who are interested in your topic and excited to help you research! We are prepared to help you find the information you need to be successful! Our specialization is helping artists and designers find the materials that they need for reference and research (images, books, journal articles, websites, videos, and more); helping you understand how you can use what you find ethically; and how to cite your sources.