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Finding Reference Images

Use this research guide to find helpful reference images for your assignments.

About This Guide

Welcome to the Research Guide for Finding Reference Images. This guide was designed to help students locate reference images for their projects through online resources, library databases, and books. 

Navigate through the pages on the menu to the left for more information.

Plants/Trees: Discover good starting points for finding images related to plants, trees, and fungi. 

Animals: Use this page to find images of mammals, birds, reptiles, extinct species, and other fauna. 

Architecture: This page will help you locate helpful images related to architecture, buildings, shelters, and earthen structures. 

Landscapes/Biomes: Discover resources for images of different habitats, biomes, natural landmarks, landscapes, and geology/geography.

Clothing/Textiles: Use this page to find images of traditional dress, costumes, textiles, fashion throughout history, and accessories. 

Armor/Weapons: This page will help you locate images related to armor and weaponry.

People/Cultures: Discover resources for images of different people, cultures, customs, and crafts around the world. This page also contains image resources related to archeology and anthropology. 

Vehicles: Use this page to find images of different vehicles throughout history including cars, commercial vehicles, spacecraft, aircraft, and other forms of transportation. 

Textures/Design: This page will help you locate images related to textures, designs, patterns, and symbols. 

Feel free to contact the library for assistance at any point in your research process, whether you're just starting a project or you're hitting a dead end. Chat services and librarian contact information can be found on the left side of this page. Or, schedule a research consultation by clicking on the link below.

Schedule a Research Consultation

Goldstein Library provides research consultations with Research Librarians who are interested in your topic and excited to help you research! We are prepared to help you find the information you need to be successful! Our specialization is helping artists and designers find the materials that they need for reference and research (images, books, journal articles, websites, videos, and more); helping you understand how you can use what you find ethically; and how to cite your sources.