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Finding Reference Images

Use this research guide to find helpful reference images for your assignments.

Searching for Plants/Trees Images

When searching for reference images of plants, trees, and other flora, remember to think critically about what keywords you are using.

Some important things to consider when brainstorming what keywords to search for plants, trees, and flora are species names, climates, geographical areas, and plant type (shrub, flower, fungi, etc.). 


Here is select list of subject headings to try searching in the Goldstein Library Catalog. You'll want to try different search terms and strategies as your research develops.

  • Photography of plants
  • Flowers--Pictorial works
  • Plants--Pictorial works
  • Trees
  • Landscape photography
  • Nature photography

Below is a small selection of books to gather reference images of plants, trees, fungi, and other flora. Helpful sections to browse for additional titles are located in the QKs