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Universal Production Music

Getting Started with Universal Production Music

Using production music in your project and don’t have a Universal Production Music (UPM) account and password yet?  You will need to set up an individual account and password with to be able to download the music tracks.  Don’t worry, there’s no cost to you. That’s already covered by Goldstein Library.

To set up your individual account and request a password:

1. Read and Accept the Universal Production Music Terms and Conditions below by clicking "I Agree" at the bottom of this page. 

2.  Once you click "I Agree", you will be taken to the Universal Production Music page.

3. If you are setting up a new account click on "Login/Register" on the top of the page. Then, click "Register Here" and fill out the form. Remember to use your Ringling email address, as well as Ringling College as your company. 

If you need assistance signing up, call Goldstein Library at (941) 359-7587 or email

If you are able to register your account, but Universal Production Music isn't allowing you unlimited downloads, contact UPM directly at or via their chat help feature on their site. 

Universal Production Music Terms and Conditions

Universal Production Music Terms and Conditions


Universal Production Music is copyrighted music provided under a license agreement to Ringling College of Art and Design faculty, staff, and students. You are entitled to use Universal Production Music selections as synchronized background music in various types of audio-visual media productions. The rights conveyed by this agreement exist in perpetuity for productions made during the term of this agreement. 

Universal Production Music:

  • MAY be used with Ringling College productions, to make copies of such productions, and to distribute such copies throughout the Universe subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. 
  • MAY be used in INTERNET productions - Free digital downloads/streaming.
  • MAY be used in NON-BROADCAST productions - Audio, video and digital media; corporate intranet and closed circuit communications. 
  • MAY be used in FILM FESTIVAL & LIMITED RELEASE productions. Productions requiring any clearances other than those noted above must be licensed separately by contacting Universal Production Music directly. 
  • BUT MAY NOT make any copies of the musical compositions and sound recordings for the purpose of creating personal sound libraries. 
  • MAY NOT sell, lease, lend, give, physically convey, or otherwise transfer any copies of the musical compositions and sound recordings 


For purchasing a license, contact Jamie Glenn at

  • For BROADCAST PRODUCTIONS, even if created as Ringling College classroom or co-curricular project. 
  • If music is used for non-college related projects it would need to be licensed on a 'per project' basis. 
  • If used in BROADCAST or INTERNET by non-profit, non-college entity, even if created as Ringling College classroom or co-curricular project, a separate license is required. 

At the end of this agreement or any extensions of this agreement with Ringling College, files which you may download from Universal Production Music server remain Universal Production Music property and must be returned to Universal Production Music or destroyed by you. You are legally responsible for the unauthorized use of any files provided to you after the expiration of this agreement. 

By clicking "I Agree," you agree to the "USAGE GUIDELINES" as stated above.

After you click "I Agree," you will need to login with your Ringling College network account and password to access this resource and to request download access.

I Agree         Cancel

If you have questions about licensing or usage guidelines, please contact