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Library FAQ

Welcome to the Alfred R. Goldstein Library! This guide has the most frequently asked questions about the library.

Returning Items

Q: Where can I return library materials?

A: You can return your library materials at the Circulation Desk.

Q: Can I return items after the library is closed?

A: No, the library does not currently have an after-hours drop box.

Q: Can someone else return items for me?

A: Yes, anyone may return your materials for you. If the item is late or damaged, you will still be responsible for the fines.

Q: What happens if I return something late?

A: You will accrue a fine for each item for each day the item is late. Fines accrue at the following rates:

  • $.50 per item per day for DVDs, CDs, CD-ROMs, and periodicals/annuals
  • $1.00 per day for videogames and light boxes

You may check My Account/Renew to see if you have any fines.

Q: Will my account be blocked if I do not return items?

A: Your account may be blocked if you have not returned overdue items or if you have fines that are more than $20.00. Please see this video to learn how to use your online account to see if it is blocked.

Borrowing & Renewing Items

Q: How do I get a library card?

A: If you are a student at Ringling College, a member of the staff or faculty, or a trustee, your ID will function as your Library card. 

Q: How many items can I borrow?

A: Please see our Borrowing page for information on borrowing limitations and policies.

Q: Can I check Reserve items out of the Library?

A: Sometimes. Whenever an instructor places an item on reserve, he or she decides whether the item can be checked out. Most items are 3-hour checkouts unless otherwise noted. 

Q: How do I renew books?

A: You can renew books by going to My Account/Renew in the online system. Consult this video to see how to renew your items online.

Q: How can I get a book or article that the Library doesn’t own?

A: Interlibrary Loan is a free service for Ringling students, faculty and staff. You can submit your request for Interlibrary Loan here

Fines & Lost/Damaged Items

Q: I have unpaid fines for late items. How can I pay my fines?

A: The Bursar Office handles all library fine payments once they reach $20.00. 

Q: I have unpaid fines. Can I still borrow from the Library?

A: If the total amount of fines is $20 and under, you may still borrow from the Library. If the total amount of fines is over $20, you will need to pay down your fines to under $20 and then you may borrow from the Library. Please see this video to learn how to determine if your account is blocked because of fines or overdue items.

Q: I lost an item I had checked out. What should I do?

A: Please talk to a staff member at the Circulation Desk to review your options. 

Q: I accidentally damaged this item. What should I do?

A: Please report the item to the Circulation Desk. If the item can be repaired, there will be no charge. Please do not try to repair items yourself as many commercial tapes and glues can cause long-term damage to library materials. If the item cannot be repaired, it will be treated as a lost book.  Please see the previous question for details of the process.