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Library FAQ

Welcome to the Alfred R. Goldstein Library! This guide has the most frequently asked questions about the library.

Study Spaces

Q: Do you have an area in the Library that’s reserved for quiet study?
A: The third floor of the library is reserved for quiet study.

Q: Do you have study rooms that can be reserved?
A: There are 10 group study rooms that are available to students on a first-come first served basis, or available for booking by Ringling College faculty and staff for group and class meetings. Click here to book a room or contact us for assistance at The Goldstein Library study rooms are unavailable until further notice due to ongoing precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Print & Electronic Collections

Q: What electronic resources do you have?
A: The Library subscribes to a variety of online databases that support the teaching and research needs of the curriculum. See our Resources A-Z page.

Q: Can I access the Library's electronic resources from on- or off-campus?
A: Students, faculty and staff may access the Library's electronic resources from either on- or off-campus by using their Ringling ID and password.  Due to our library vendor licensing agreements, alumni, trustees, members of the Ringling College Library Association (RCLA), local teachers, or Ringling family members do not have on- or off-campus access to the Library's electronic resources. 

Q: Does the Library have copies of textbooks?
A: Textbooks are on the Reserve shelf on the 1st floor under the instructor's last name.  Reserve books are currently unavailable for check out due to the need to quarantine returned materials for 4 days. Please check your Canvas site or contact your instructor for options on obtaining access to needed readings.

Q: What are “Region 2” DVDs?

A: Region 2 (sometimes called PAL) DVDs are discs encoded to play in parts of Europe and Asia. They will not play on most U.S. DVD players and computers. The library has a small number of Region 2 DVDs because the content on them was not otherwise available. These items are clearly labeled on the front of their cases. There are several DVD players in the library that are capable of playing Region 2 discs.

Q: Can I suggest something for the Library to buy for the collection?
A: We welcome your suggestions for books, journals, magazines, DVDs and other resources. 

Q: If you do not have a book or article that I need, can you borrow it from another library for me?
If we do not have the item, we can try to borrow it for you from another library. Please click here to submit your requests. This service is only available to Ringling College students, faculty, and staff.


Q: What computers do you have available for use?

A: The Alfred R. Goldstein Library’s has a variety of computers available, including PC, Mac, and Cintiq workstations. 

Q: What computer software is available to use on the computers in the Library?
A: All computers require a login and have the same software as most computers in the labs on campus. Click here to learn more about campus software

Q: What printers are available in the Library?
A: Computers that require a Ringling login and password are connected to B&W and color printers. Printers are available on the first and second floors. Both types of printers can accommodate 8 1/2" x 11" or 11" x 17" paper. 

Q: Can I print from my laptop using the wireless network?
A: Students, faculty and staff can print from laptops to B&W and color printers in the Library using the wireless network. Visit the Ringling College Software Center to install needed printers on campus. 

Q: Do you have photocopiers in the Library?
 No, but there are scanners of varying sizes available on the first and second floors for use by students, faculty, and staff.

Q: Do you have lightboxes or other equipment available for checkout?
A: The Library circulates lightboxes for a 1-week checkout. The Library has the following available for in-library use:

  • Wacom styluses
  • Assorted laptop chargers
  • Headphones
  • External Blu-Ray Player

Please ask at the Circulation Desk to borrow these items. 

There are also three light tables located in the Library that are available for use, as well as paper cutters (25"x24" & 17"x18"), cutting pads, rulers, staplers and a hole punch.