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Library FAQ

Welcome to the Alfred R. Goldstein Library! This guide has the most frequently asked questions about the library.

Locating Items in the Library

Q: How do I find books, DVDs and other items in your collection?

A: You can access the Library's catalog from any location with Internet access.

Q: The book I want has a location of BOOKS according to the online catalog. Where can I find these?

A: BOOKS is the large area of shelving which hold books that may be checked out. Other locations such as REFERENCE and SPECIAL COLLECTIONS have books that may not be checked out. Please see the map below for the different locations. If you are interested in browsing the collection, the items in the locations are as follows:

Item Location  What You Would Find Here Can Items Be Checked Out?




  Career materials

  No, they must be viewed at the Center for Career Services.
  DVD   Blu-Ray and DVDs   Yes
  GAMES   Videogames   Yes
  ONLINE   Databases and e-books   These items are accessed online.
  OVERSIZE   Large size books   Yes
  PERIODICALS/ANNUALS   Journals, magazines and annuals   Yes

  Encyclopedias, handbooks and other      reference materials

  RESERVE   All formats   Mostly yes, but some individual items may be restricted to in-library use at the discretion of the instructor. 

  Artist books, artist publication projects, rare/limited edition books, and a study collection of prints, among other items.

  No, but you may request a viewing in the Special Collections Center.


Q: Where are the Reserves kept?

A: Most reserve items shelved on the 1st floor of the library. Some additional reserve items are behind the desk. You may ask for them there. You can look them up by instructor, department, or course number on the Course Reserve search in the online catalog (Hint: Limit your search to Course Reserves).  

Q: What are Open Reserves?

A: The Open Reserve collection contains items selected by the faculty for their classes. The section is located on the 1st floor of the library. Items in this collection can be used freely. A spine label on each item will tell you whether it can be checked out or must be used in the Library. 

Q: In the catalog, it says that the book is located at the Center for Career Services. How can I see the item?

A: The item is located at the Center for Career Services. Items here cannot be checked out, but you may visit the Center to view the item on-site during the hours that the Center is open. For more information about the Center for Career Services, please visit their site: