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Library FAQ

Welcome to the Alfred R. Goldstein Library! This guide has the most frequently asked questions about the library.

Food For Fines

Q: What is “Food for Fines?”
A: Food for Fines allows students to reduce their late fines on library materials by bringing donations of canned food to the library. For each can brought in that is 6 ounces or larger in size, a student’s outstanding late fine will be reduced by $1.00.


Canned food donated via Food for Fines are picked up periodically by the All Faiths Food Bank. For more information on All Faiths and their mission, click here:‚Äč 

Q: When did the library start the Food for Fines program?

A: Food for Fines is a program the library started on a trial basis, beginning on August 30, 2010.  It is an open-ended program, but the library reserves the right to cancel or limit it any time in the future.

Q: What sort of canned foods may be donated?
A: Any canned foods may be donated—all are useful in helping alleviate hunger. Remember, though, that a can must be 6 ounces or larger in order to qualify for a late fine reduction.

Q: May I donate something other than canned food?
A: We're sorry, but we are only able to accept canned food.

Q: If I bring in a big can, can I get a bigger reduction of my late fine?
A: We're sorry, but all cans 6 ounces or larger are treated the same. The $1.00 reduction is standard for all donated cans that are 6 ounces or larger.

Q: Can I donate food to get my bill for a lost library item reduced?
A: We're sorry, but you may not donate food to reduce a bill for a lost library item. The Food for Fines donations only apply to late fines, not replacement costs for lost or damaged items.

Q: Where do I bring the food?
A: Bring all donations to the Goldstein Library circulation desk whenever the library is open. We will reduce your late fines accordingly as soon as you make the donation. 

Q: Can I donate food even if I don’t owe any fines?
A: We would be delighted. Food donations are always welcome and appreciated.

Q: Can I bring in canned food to build up credit for future library fines I might accrue?
A: We're sorry, but you may not build up credit for the future. You may donate food at any time even if you don’t currently owe any late fines, but donations do not earn you any sort of future credit.