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BOAD: Introduction to Research

Use this guide to explore research strategies and resources for Business of Art and Design majors.

Finding an Internship or Job

We recommend consulting Career Services for help finding an internship or a job:

Careers related to BOAD include

Account Manager, Art Center Director, Business Owner, Communications Director, Consumer Insights Manager, Creative Assets Manager, Creative Coordinator, Creative Marketing Strategist, Creative Advertising Coordinator, Design Manager, Design Studio Owner, Digital Campaign Strategist, Film Production Manager, Film Production Assistant, Gallery Owner / Director, Marketing Consultant, Marketing Manager, Media Services Manager, Online Strategy Specialist, Production Manager, Production Coordinator, Project Manager, Social Media Manager

Some useful job banks/classifieds:

Professional Development

There are several professional organizations for the field that offer important opportunities for networking, understanding industry standards, and developing skills/knowledge. These organizations usually host conferences, workshops, and events. Many offer reduced membership fees for students. Here are a few recommended organizations: