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BOAD: Introduction to Research

Use this guide to explore research strategies and resources for Business of Art and Design majors.

Find Periodicals in the Library

Reading current news from the art and design industry is the best way ​to stay up-to-date. Periodicals showcase emerging trends and topics, as well as provide a platform for some of the most important figures currently working in the field.

Journal iconThe Library collects a number of periodicals covering a wide range of topics. The latest issues can be found on the far end of the third floor. Bound past issues can be found in the stacks on the third floor. Click here to see a list of periodicals related to BOAD.

You can also find articles online through our various databases. To find databases related to BOAD:

1. Navigate to our A-Z Databases page:​

2. Click on the All Subjects drop down menu at the top left and select Business of Art + Design.

3. Read the descriptions of the recommended databases and select the ones that best match your research needs.

Tip: Be intentional about the databases you choose to use. Think about your research questions when you select a database to search. Are you looking for auction records? Market statistics? Critical essays? Each database contains different types of information and they should be used for different needs.


GIF demonstrating how to find BOAD databases