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BOAD: Introduction to Research

Use this guide to explore research strategies and resources for Business of Art and Design majors.

Art and Design News Online

Newspaper iconThere are many art and design news outlets online. Finding the right one can be difficult. 

Try to match your research needs and scope to the news sources you consultFor example, if you're looking for recent news about the new director of a major art museum, you can search most major news sources and art newspapers. On the other hand, if you're looking for recent news about a new donation at a small local museum, you might need to search in local newspapers. Becoming familiar with a field's news sources takes time!

Always assess a news source's credibility. Many personal blogs and websites pose as credible news sources, but they may alter or skew facts to present biased opinions. News sources always have different stakeholders that influence the way they report their findings. Try researching the authors of articles and their publishers. Do they have affiliations with political groups? Do the authors have other publications or credentials (e.g., degrees, awards, etc.)? 

Think critically about the claims of any text you read. Assess whether the evidence an author provides appropriately supports their conclusions. Examine where they are getting their information as well. Are they using reliable sources? Are they engaging a variety of perspectives in their arguments? What opinions are they excluding and or dismissing, and why? Have you consulted a variety of sources and voices? Don't accept everything you read as fact -- approach everything critically and come to your own conclusions.

Here are just some recommended art and design news sources online:

Art Sales

The Library recommends the following resources for researching art sales:

Contact a librarian for more assistance on researching art sales.