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BOAD: Introduction to Research

Use this guide to explore research strategies and resources for Business of Art and Design majors.


Demographics refer to statistical objective data about populations. This includes data related to age, race, ethnicity, gender, education, occupation, income level, and marital status. It does not include interpretations of beliefs and values. 

Basic demographic statistics:

Demographics by zip code with psychographic insights:


Psychographics refer to lifestyles, attitudes, beliefs, and aspirations of select populations. Psychographic information typically builds upon demographic data. For example, demographic data might inform you of the average age of residents in a community, but psychographic information will tell you if those residents would be interested in paying more money for a premium service based on their values. You may find more psychographic information through reading articles about select consumer markets.

Recommended library resources:

Once you're in DemographicsNow, you can access their psychographic lifestyle profiles through the Help link at the top right corner of the homepage.

Recommended open web resources: