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Library FAQ

Welcome to the Alfred R. Goldstein Library! This guide has the most frequently asked questions about the library.

Gift and Donations Policy

 The Alfred R. Goldstein Library at Ringling College of Art + Design appreciates the consideration of those who would like to donate books and other materials to enhance the collections. However, space considerations, collecting priorities, and the high cost of processing donated materials means that we are selective about what is accepted for addition to the collection.

Selection decisions are made by the library director in consultation with other staff and librarians; and are informed by the needs of the collection as it supports the curriculum, research interests of the faculty, and the information needs of the RCAD community.


The Goldstein Library will consider accepting materials according to the following criteria and conditions:

  • That the material falls into the scope of the Library's collection and supports the teaching and learning mission of Ringling College;
  • That the donated items do not duplicate materials already held by the Library;
  • That the items offer significant value to the collection, as determined by selectors;
  • That the Goldstein Library is in a position to accept, process, and maintain the gift;
  • That the materials are in good physical condition. Note: The Library will not accept any items exhibiting signs of mold, mildew, insects, water damage; or items that are dirty, torn, brittle, missing pages, or in need of repair, rebinding, or reformatting;
  • That no restrictions be placed by the prospective donor on the disposition and use of the gifts offered.

Potential donors should be aware that the Goldstein Library does NOT accept the following types of materials:

  • Magazines or journals or individual articles
  • Annuals or directories
  • Newspapers
  • Textbooks or computer manuals
  • VHS tapes
  • Music (records, cassettes, CDs)
  • Computer programs
  • Trade paperbacks
  • Reproductions of artworks (including prints or slides)
  • Clippings or picture files
  • Course packs or photocopies
  • Sales or auction catalogs
  • Time-Life Series or Reader's Digest publications
  • Microfilm or microform
  • Pre-published materials (proofs or pre-prints)
  • Government documents
  • Titles that duplicate current holdings
  • Items that are out of scope, or that do not align with collection priorities

On acceptance, gifts are irrevocable and become the property of the Ringling College Library. Items that we are unable to add to the collection may be donated or otherwise disposed of. When gifts are accepted, an acknowledgement letter of receipt will be sent for the donor's tax purposes. Ringling College does not provide valuation of materials, and it is the donor's responsibility to provide a title list if he or she wishes that information to be attached to the letter.

Delivery: Neither the Goldstein Library nor Ringling College provides a pickup or delivery service. Donors must make prior arrangements before dropping off previously accepted materials to ensure that someone is available to receive the items. Library staff will not transport boxes of books inside the building.

Please also consider donating materials to the Sarasota County Public Library System or to Goodwill.

For inquiries or questions about this policy, please contact Bianca Prather-Jones, Director of Library Services at or 941-359-7582.

Special Collections Gifts:

The Brizdle-Schoenberg Special Collections Center manages artists' publication projects, prints, and rare books. Please read the Special Collections Center's Gift Policy or contact Special Collections directly for further information about donations:‚Äč